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The Sky Dial by Hour & Ether:

Student Work

Time is portrayed in hours, minutes, and seconds but hardly feels that way. Instead, we experience it as a flow: quickly, like when reading a good book, or slowly, when sitting in a boring meeting. Hour & Ether is a brand that attempts to embrace the day as this constant flow in a world filled with busy schedules and personal timekeepers.

The Sky Dial is a 24-hour clock. Hours are represented as gradients of color, using photos taken of the sky. Numbers, minutes, and seconds have been eliminated, the hour hand hidden behind the face, and an LED light attached as the only way to determine the time. Alluding to an age when the day was measured using the sun and sky, the Sky Dial is an attempt to disassemble the complex units of data that is time today and decelerate it to a flow of moments, light, and color.

Some of the color gradients were then silkscreened as prints and shirts. They at first seem to show a beautiful painting but each is actually an abstracted photo of the sky at a specific time.