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Back to School


At Plated, the marketing and creative teams created a handful of big, in-depth seasonal campaigns every year to theme content around. For fall 2019, we wanted to renew excitement over day-to-day meals with a sophisticated back-to-school style that would inspire home cooks to lean into their curiosity and sense of learning. The result ended up being one of our all-time favorite projects.

This was my first big campaign with Plated as a principal designer. These “360 campaigns” consisted of a distinct overarching theme for visuals and copy which was then applied to social posts, paid ads, email blasts, and printed inserts. Reoccurring sales and offers were reimagined in the new look but we also created content specifically for the campaign to drive engagement.

Role: Graphic designer, illustration
Photography:  Ryan Dausch + Emily Baker
Styling:  Ashley Shleeper
Creative direction: Clayton Perryman
Art direction: Aica Domingo
Copywriting: Alicia Berbenick

Concepting / 

Construction paper shapes /

were cut out in a modern fall color palette and then photographed as backgrounds for crafty-feeling visuals that still felt grown-up.

Emails / 

focused on easy tips, lessons, the love of learning, and trying new things. 

Select campaign photography /