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Monthly Box


Being a subscription model of monthly makeup and beauty samples, the customer box experience is a significant part of Birchbox’s core identity. The majority of the month's content would be driven by a theme from the marketing and merchandising teams, the start of which was always the box design. The resulting theme/design style would then be applied to everything from the types of samples sent, to the monthly digital color palette.

Role: Graphic designer, illustration
Creative direction: Hannah Anderson
Art direction: Allison Edgerton
Copywriting: Amelia Diamond

Box design /

As the packaging designer, I was in charge of the entire box process from pitching visual concepts to the actual design, including the accompanying product card. I would also distill the box design into a style guide every month including a color palette and graphics for the team to use for digital assets.

December (Concepted for January) Renewal / Clean beauty

Movement / Wellness

International Women’s Day


Process / 

Photography /